About us

The internet is saturated with coffee advice, which is often not accurate or friendly on the beginner. Total Coffee Base was created to make the world of coffee more accessible to coffee beginners and coffee enthusiasts by removing the fluff and providing down-to-earth, easy to understand knowledge on all things coffee.

Before I get into how we achieve that aim, I’d firstly like to welcome you to my site. I’m Wynand (pronounced ‘vein-unt’) and am from South Africa, although I’m currently living in Taiwan. Like many others, I’ve been through ups and downs in my life, and the one consistently positive thing has always been coffee.

My Story

I had never been able to pinpoint my passion in life, until I attended a barista training course. From then on, I’ve always known that whatever I end up doing in life, in order for me to be truly happy, it would have to involve coffee. Now, while I may not have any official coffee-related qualifications, what I do have is knowledge gained from years of personal research, as well as from my experience as a head-barista and as a coffee shop manager.

That being said, I understand and accept that sometimes I may not be the best person to write about a topic, and in those instances I will turn to other experienced baristas and writers to ensure that you always get the most accurate, honest and up-to-date information from Total Coffee Base.

Mission Statement and Values

While we may receive commissions from sales made through our site, rest assured that the information we provide will always be fair, true and unbiased. At Total Coffee Base, our Mission Statement and Core Values are:

“Total Coffee Base aims to bloom and brew others’ passion for coffee by creating and sharing exceptional content.”

  • Honesty – We will never share misleading, inaccurate or false information with our readers.
  • Integrity – We will always be honest and adhere to strong moral and ethical principles.
  • Education – We will educate ourselves so that we can better educate our readers.

What to do next

If you’re checking our website out, that means that you’re ready to upgrade your coffee experience. We’ve done the work to prepare these guides for you; why not start building your coffee base by going to either of the following links:

We hope you’ve enjoyed the content that we’ve put together. Feedback is important to us, so if there’s ever anything that you are unsure of, need help with, or would like us to take a look at, please let us know.

Wynand Barnard

Founder of Total Coffee Base